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Why advertise Indianconnection ?Indianconnection is a digital support portal assisting the needs of Indian in Australia and Indian visiting Australia for settlement,work and travel.If your target market is related to Indian in Australia,Indian moving or thinking of moving to Australia, then advertise on Indianconnection help achieve your business outcome.

We can help market and drive more traffic to your website with tangible leads which would simply improve your brand awareness among the increasing migrant Indian community in Australia.

Advertise your business on our highly targeted market segment.This online support portal is used by a highly valuable demographic and is well connected through huge number of online readers, Facebook with almost 2,000+ likes and 1,000+ strong members and our market share is continuously growing. is now one of the leading support portal among Indian in Australia and Indian moving,travelling to Australia market.Our readers are hungry for information about

    • • How to find work in Australia- Job Opportunities & sponsorship in Australia
    • • Moving to Australia- Visa Information & Immigration Services
    • • Help with moving to Australia- Relocation Services
    • • How to settle in Australia-Settlement services
    • • Education Information & Courses
    • • Financial Advice & Loan-The best bank to use.
    • • Real-estate – Rental properties in Australia & Buying a house in Australia.
    • • Business opportunities in Australia

….and so much more.

Advertising Package.

Indian connection offers premium advertising package which includes advertisement through various medium.
If you are planning a new campaign there are various opportunities Indian connection can offer to convey your message to the people that matters

Online Banner advertisement

Static banners only; no flash or animated GIFs

Prime Box  Top Banner

Top banner  = Width 468 * Height 63

These banners are on Top , and  appear  in all the pages .You receive 100% of the ad impressions. Only few of these banners are available in total.

Current availability: 1 remaining.

Cost: A$ 250 per month.(excluding GST)

Three large rectangular banners(Homepage)

In the middle(1)=  Width 1141 * Height 249

In the middle(1)=  Width 1141* Height 149

Above the footer (1)=   Width 307 * Height 107

Current availability: 3 remaining.

Cost: A$150 each per month.(excluding GST)

Three small rectangular banners (Other pages)

Above the footer= Width: 306 by Height : 110px each

These banners are the smallest, but also appear highest in the pages and appear on every page.

Current availability: 1 remaining.

Cost: A$100 per month each per month (excluding GST)

2 square banners (home page)

Testimonial -Left/Right banner=  Width 300*  Height 249

These banners are on a prime spot and appear on Home page only .

Current availability: 2 remaining.

Cost: A$100 per month each per month (excluding GST)

3 square banners (Blog page)

On Blog page= Width 300*  Height 249

These banners are on a prime spot and appear on all of our blog.

Current availability: 1 remaining.

Cost: A$100 per month each per month (excluding GST)


Indian connection offers many opportunities to sponsor articles and columns.These can be linked to your marketing campaign and are a cost effective way of raising your company profile with regular coverage in every issue.

• Feature sponsorship – includes ad page, comment and logos

• Column/page sponsorship

• Bespoke editorial initiatives newsletter etc

• Addition on our associates pages

Facebook posts

Get the right exposure for your marketing campaigns by posting on our Facebook page.We provide different packages suiting your unique needs.

All Inquiries if you are interested in discussing advertisement options can be directed through our Contact us Page or Call us on +61 4 0131 8439

Please note:-All prices are in Australian dollars.