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First home grants for Indians in Australia

First home grants for Indians in Australia

Way back in 2009 just around global financial crisis, Australian property picked up exponentially. In last 10 years the median price of houses has moved from $500k to $1,000,000.In an ideal world this would have maintained an upward trajectory, post last year Australian commission banking inquiry. However COVID-19 stuck and we are in recession. A recession not exactly like the last one in 2008, but government’s strategy to tackle it, is quite similar at least relating to property market. With low interest rates, government Home builderFirst home grants  as well as First home deposit scheme one would wonder, is this the right time to own a house or an investment. A tricky question and is up to individual interpretation. However if you call Australia your home you might be surprised how the North west part of Sydney is booming and Westpac recently soften the house price decline  in-spite of the pandemic

The Australian dream of owning a house is still quite prevalent among Indians in Australia. They seek the best location, decent land size, premium add-ons etc. A trend going on since early 2000 and its no way going to end any sooner. The rush and desire to own a house is naturally very strong and its demands are challenging the developers,builders,real-estate business to meet the bargaining power of Indians in Australia customers.

Upcoming north western suburbs like Marsden Park, Colbee, Schofields, Rouse Hill, Box Hill, Gables have created huge amount of opportunities for buyers. The process can be daunting, an important decision for one’s life. We understand that and hence through these blogs would like to share information to make Indians in Australian dream to own a house a reality.

If you have any questions are require any information on the available property stocks to make your dream come true,don’t hesitate to contact us.

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During our co-founders initial days in Australia he has experienced struggle to find cheap accommodation,job,genuine support and some times ignorance from my own fellow Indians. While his experience is not unique but he wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.He bring with him 16 years of rich experience working with Global corporations both in India & Australia.Our founder aim through this portal is to support Indian travelers to Australia for migration, education, work and travel, minimizing the cultural change impact while providing tangible cost benefits.

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