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Who wants their child to be the next Sachin Tendulkar or or Brett Lee of Australian cricket.

Who wants their child to be the next Sachin Tendulkar or or Brett Lee of Australian cricket.

Cricket!  It’s a word that ignites passion amongst millions of cricket fans all over the world.

And best part about cricket in Australia and NSW is that it is a fairly organised sport.  There are formats for playing cricket – all ages & skills as well as opportunities for volunteering,

Through the article below, I will try to outline in brief some questions that I have come across as a volunteer over the years from parents who want their child to be the next Brett Lee or Sachin Tendulkar of Australian cricket.

What format of cricket can my child (or I) play in?

Many local clubs in Sydney offer multiple game formats.  Our Club, Kingsgrove Cricket specifically offers the following programs to suit all skill levels, ages and experience.


Cricket Format Summary Recommended Ages
Junior Blaster: Introductory program for beginners. Ages 5 to 12.
Master Blaster: T20 Cricket. Ages 7 to 12.
Modified Cricket: Matches played on a Saturday morning. Ages 8 to 10.
Junior Competition Cricket: Matches played on a Saturday morning. Ages 10 to 17.
Senior Competition Cricket: Matches played on a Saturday afternoon. Ages over 17.


In simpler words,

  • If you have a child who has not played cricket before, and is below age 10, it’s recommended that you register in the Junior Blaster or Master Blaster programs.
  • If your child is above age 9 and has played cricket before, register in the Modified Cricket or Junior Competition teams which are age based (usually between 10 -17).
  • If you wish to play, or have a child over 17, register in a Senior Competition Team.

If you are new to the game, or new to NSW, talk to your friendly local Club official – they can assess your child’s skills and help you to register in a format aligned to their skills & age.

When does Cricket Season commence?

Summer Cricket usually commences in September each year and goes through till March with breaks during the School holidays.

However Clubs start forming their teams in August, so this is a perfect time to reach out and find a club.

How can I find a club?

There are many clubs in Sydney which are aligned to Cricket NSW formats.  You don’t want to spend too much of your time in travel, so use the link below to find your nearest local club:

If your nearest local club does not have a format suited to your child’s skills / age, check other clubs using a neighbouring suburb in the search.  Chances are that you will end up playing in the same Cricket Association.

Additional points to check before registering your child:

  • Check the fees for different clubs. Clubs with cheaper fees may charge you extra for a playing (and/or training) t-shirt and a cap.
  • There are during the week training sessions, mostly run by Volunteer Parent Coaches in Junior Competition cricket. Check whether the club offers any scheduled training days for the teams.
  • Ask your child to check with their friends at school which clubs they play with. There’s nothing like first-hand recommendation from a school friend.
  • You may want your child to play with a particular friend, but check out whether their skills are aligned to the team before making that decision. It is better to play in different teams than have an unhappy child who turns away from cricket because they are not at the same skill levels at their teammates.

Active Kids Program

From 31 January, Australian Citizens who are parents, guardians and carers of school children can apply for a $100 voucher to use for sport and fitness costs. This voucher can be used to register to play with a club who is to this program, and to get a $100 discount in the fees.

Click on the link below to find out more:

How can I help out in the game?

Local Cricket Clubs aligned to Cricket NSW primarily rely on volunteer Mums & Dads to help manage and run the games on and off the field smoothly.  There are many ways you can help the Club or your child’s team.

A mum or dad who is good at numbers would be an ideal scorer for the game.

Someone with good organisational skills would be good at managing a team, or helping out in the local Club Committee or with Club Administration Positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar etc.).

If your passion is coaching, you can help coach a team or umpire games.

Benefits of volunteering are many:

  • You are with your child and attuned to the game, which means you have a discussion point at home that is not always studies.
  • You don’t always have to be able to play cricket to help out.
  • It’s a great way to give back to the community & use your time positively.
  • You are with your child for the 2-3 hours of game time.
  • Australia is all about the outdoors. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to do just that – stay outdoors.
  • Club cricket has children & parents from all nationalities. It’s a great way to understand and align to the Australian way of life.

About me

I am a mum of 2 boys, and started my volunteering journey in cricket more than 7 years ago – by offering to manage my son’s team.

I was a bit hesitant at the start, having never played cricket.  Did not know how to score, or manage a team too.

But over the years, I found I was a natural – in the administrative side of cricket which most cricketers hate or avoid.

And to tell you the truth, I have enjoyed every bit of this – I have scored multiple games, discussed cricket rules with my husband and kids, organised gear, signed cheques, documented minutes of meetings and so many other things that I cannot even begin to list.

More recently, I have been involved in various voluntary administrative positions in Cricket.  I currently am

Secretary – Kingsgrove Cricket Club

Cola Coordinator & Committee Member – Sydney Boys High School Cricket Committee

Publicity Officer – St George District Cricket Association

Cricket for me, has given me many Australian friends & my ‘Cricket Kids’ who swear that my “Butter Chicken” and “Choley” is the best Indian food they have eaten.

And this would not have been possible without the support of my lovely family – my husband who also volunteers in cricket – he is a Level 2 Coach, and my 2 handsome sons.

So here’s my wish – I hope you enjoy your cricket journey as much as I have!

Manisha Shirodkar

About the Author:

During our co-founders initial days in Australia he has experienced struggle to find cheap accommodation,job,genuine support and some times ignorance from my own fellow Indians. While his experience is not unique but he wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.He bring with him 16 years of rich experience working with Global corporations both in India & Australia.Our founder aim through this portal is to support Indian travelers to Australia for migration, education, work and travel, minimizing the cultural change impact while providing tangible cost benefits.

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