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A step by step process to apply Permanent residency yourself

A step by step process to apply Permanent residency yourself

A step by step process to apply Permanent residency yourself – A first hand view and steps of how an individual applied for their Permanent residency themselves,these steps are those which were followed by an individual and might not apply to your situation,please exercise care and take necessary Migration agent advise to your particular case.

The First Process:

  1. Identification of the ANZSCO code
  • Identify from the list of occupations and their assessment authorities with regards to the ANZSCO code for which you would be able to correlate your current and previous experience.
  1. Documents gathering and Notarization 
    • Get the Under graduate and postgraduate degrees and marks sheets (you may use consolidated marks sheets here)
    • Take color copies of them and get them notarized via public notary
    • Arrange for reference  letters from the 4 companies which I have experience in.
    • Prepare SD (Statutory Declaration) signed by a Senior colleague/supervisor/reporting manager, in case of HR letter not being available
    • Take color copies of them and get them notarized via public notary
    • Get the passport color copied as well and get it notarized via public notary.
  2. Arrangement of funds
    • Identification of the cost involved to get the assessment done and the process for the same.
    • Once you have chosen the English test which you plan to take, find out how much do you require for that as well.
  3. Skills Assessment
  • For example in case your  ANZSCO code is Systems Analyst (261112) the assessment authority is Australian computing society.
  • Submit the documents and complete the application
  • Total amount spent here was around 1100 AUD through which ACS provided a complimentary 1-year membership.
  1. Language Test – I chose PTE
  • Chose PTE after going through number of sources and the mock tests available online for both PTE and IELTS
  • Since the quicker availability of the test date and faster results communication chose PTE.
  • Preparation time of close to 20 days  mainly through E2Language free videos available on YouTube and worked on my areas of opportunities.
  • Total cost here was approx. 480 AUD
  1. EOI
  • As soon as the  ACS was received including the PTE scores, individual  had close to 60 points for a 189. But since the code was not suitable for 189, he had to go through the 190 path.
  • Created an EOI with all the details for 190 Vic  and  190 NSW.

Next steps coming soon, don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any further questions

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