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The dilemma of letting go of Indian mentality while settling in Australia

The dilemma of letting go of Indian mentality while settling in Australia

One would wonder why it would be a dilemma to even try letting go of the Indian mentality. No matter where we stay, we all are proud of being Indian. Correct with pride comes responsibility and letting go of certain issues quite visible in Indian societies here in Australia is critical.

Not to mention Domestic violence, breaking of marriage due to greed of money, abuses and threats the list keeps on going. It’s a human plague which has impacted our families for ages whereas our relationship with our own loves one comes to stake at times. Not to mention the ongoing stress and busy schedule managing life here. We humans are a great creature to impose stuff in our head due to widely available information on the internet. Even worst your friends who you call family would be the main contributors of that influence. Everyone life is different however in times of emotions people are grouped together on basis of religion,personal values  and take action without accessing the repercussion.

Why we are sharing this, well have you ever thought why we are experiencing the same situation here in Australia as we would in India. For example, Domestic violence & divorce. Yeah Alcohol would be quick answer to put the blame or even in-laws’ intervention, but the issue might not be that simple. It involves a lot of introspection with all the parties involved. There are a lot of moving points which we, each one of us play with each other minds. While we might have achieved pinnacle of success here in Australia our main Indian attributes remain very active – the art of gossiping, the involvement of our upbringing baggage that we bring along whether its related to mother in law, sister-in law, husband cheating because he is catching up with friends and list goes on. Have we ever thought ‘What if whatever we might be thinking is wrong? Do you really want to put your long term relationship at stake due to your current mindset or your arrogance?


We aren’t going to solution mode here but hoping all of us if ever face a situation where your long-term relationship is at stake, you are able to step back and ponder on the good times rather than divulging on the bad. In mental well-being terms they say ‘Letting it go’ which might not be easy but it’s a good start.

‘Be the change you wish to see most in your world’ This quote from Mahatma Gandhi or ‘O Nanak,if someone judges himself ,only then he is the real judge’ are beautiful quotes to start the journey of en lighting  yourself and be grateful of what we have.

The question we need to ask did we become a better person moving to Australia or we were better off in India

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During our co-founders initial days in Australia he has experienced struggle to find cheap accommodation,job,genuine support and some times ignorance from my own fellow Indians. While his experience is not unique but he wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.He bring with him 16 years of rich experience working with Global corporations both in India & Australia.Our founder aim through this portal is to support Indian travelers to Australia for migration, education, work and travel, minimizing the cultural change impact while providing tangible cost benefits.

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