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Transfer money at your convenience this “Festival of Lights”.

Transfer money at your convenience this “Festival of Lights”.

As Diwali is very near, the most significant festival in India to be celebrated across the length and breadth of the nation. It can be much fun and enthusiasm if you are overseas and you are able to send gifts in form of money to your family members back in India. There can be various ways to transfer money but through Currency Fair, you can make the most trustworthy and idle way to transfer your money.

With the fast-moving technology, recently this year Currency Fair has introduced its FX platform to the residents for Australia expanding the services in the Asia pacific market which is promising to bring the services around the world. This is good news for the Indian in Australia who want to send INR to India and can sign up for the Currency Fair.

Also, this is the great season for signing up with the online platform, as you will get fee-free transfers of INR, as well offers for cashback especially if you transfer EUR or AUD. There are special offers and live promotions for INR traders which can be an opportunity for them. The services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and you can transfer the money at your convenience at the “Festival of Lights”.

Making a money transfer through CurrencyFair is simple and a lot cheaper. Like any services offered, one of the most advantages of Currency Fair is the ease of use and their excellent website and mobile application. In addition to its simplicity, the company sets up your transaction by bank transfer which will convert your AUD to INR at the best available rates which will transfer money to your recipient account.

CurrencyFair is fast, safe and secured. It is easy and cost-effective. You can get started in three simple steps. First, you can create your free account, then set up the transaction and get the services at the best exchange rate. At last, you can get the payment fast at the account you transfer your money.

You don’t need to pay transfer fees or exchange rate and is cheaper than the banks. Customer can save up to 8 times versus their bank which is an icing on the cake. Therefore, you save in paying unfair bank fees.

Sending money has never been easier but, you can set up transfer by entering all your details yourself or requesting them via app or website by sitting in Australia. You can send money to your friends or family members in India. Enjoy the promotions and offers. Good luck!

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