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The dilemma of letting go of Indian mentality while settling in Australia

One would wonder why it would be a dilemma to even try letting go of the Indian mentality. No matter where we stay, we all are proud of being Indian. Correct with pride comes responsibility and letting go of certain issues quite visible in Indian societies here in Australia is critical. Not to mention Domestic [...]

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New beginning for International student in Australia

I met a few people at a party, who asked me if I would write for them. Okay… Who says that the first time we meet? Honestly, I had no time to contemplate and I said yes. That was my introduction as a writer on Indian Connection. A few months, and two articles later, I [...]

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Who wants their child to be the next Sachin Tendulkar or or Brett Lee of Australian cricket.

Cricket!  It’s a word that ignites passion amongst millions of cricket fans all over the world. And best part about cricket in Australia and NSW is that it is a fairly organised sport.  There are formats for playing cricket - all ages & skills as well as opportunities for volunteering, Through the article below, I [...]

Loosen up as you discover

It’s been a semester now, four months that I have moved to Sydney; I now call this city my home. Being an Indian, I would say survival here is easy. We face a lot more on an everyday basis in India than we do here. The challenge is in breaking inhibitions, overcoming mental blocks, giving [...]

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The Newbie through her dream

The Newbie through her dream Writing this article seems so dreamy; takes me back to being someone much like Aisha Bannerjee (Konkona Sen Sharma) from Wake Up Sid! Remember the article she writes, “A New Girl in the City”? This one is a lot like that one. I remember shuffling my luggage around back in [...]

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Managing your mental well being while moving to Australia

Managing your mental well being while moving to Australia Ever wondered how our mindset has an influence in the way we think and how being mentally aware and healthy is so critical in our overall wellbeing. Managing your mental wellbeing while moving oversees, or even settling down in Australia is a very important aspect which [...]

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Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side

Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side Moving to Australia for better life has become a standard talk for every family in India. For decades people all over from India are moving to Australia for career,leisure,travel and settlement. Undoubtedly Indian in Australia have made there stand in life and achieved [...]

Calling two countries home can be confusing

Calling two countries home can be confusing Ever heard your kids born in Australia asking you ‘Am I an Australian or Indian?’ A dilemma which not only haunts a lot of new Indian migrants while settling in Australia, it’s a major question for our first generation Indian Australians. Calling two countries home can be confusing [...]

Parks in Australia

Parks in Australia Parks form an integral part of Australian life just like any other country in the world.Indian in Australia  divulge in various activities during their free time and visiting parks in their neighborhood is a common activity. At times though park beyond the immediate neighborhood get unnoticed due to variety of reason particularly [...]

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne A never-ending debate for Indian moving to Australia & in fact for Indian living in Australia which city is better Sydney or Melbourne. Both cities have their merits and demerits depending upon individual situations and there isn’t offcourse a clear winner. While Sydney is a good tourist spot [...]