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With the vast influx of students, and substantial increase in the number of new Indian migrants, the issues faced by the Indian community have increased. Indian connection is an online support platform, assisting needs of Indian newcomers to
Australia.Indian connection-Help settle in Australia ‘website aimed at connecting Indian to Australia.We have conducted workshops, seminars and extensive field work, working with new migrants and students to assist them in getting comfortable in their new life in Australia.We help in the integration of Indian migrants in the Australian society through our portal by providing information through blogs and social community discussion panels.We use our network experts knowledge to make community aware of the upraising issues in Australia.We make sure we deliver clear message to the community, through his website and facebook pages.We communicate with newcomers to Australia of various Indian backgrounds either face to
face or over the phone to conduct interview to gain understanding of their challenges and problems, experience to provide awareness of life in Australia.We assists new migrants and students, to understand the cultural and professional changes ,provides awareness, service and support to newcomers to Australia by help in airport pickup, accommodation, job consultancy and cultural orientation.

My experience in getting job in Melbourne

My experience in getting job in Melbourne - a first hand experience from a recent Indian newcomer to Australia Choosing the place to move.... With lot of ambitions as anyone would have, I moved to Melbourne. Why Melbourne as one would ask?....Before moving to Australia I did a lot of research on which place to move.  [...]

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Developing personal brand

Developing personal brand – Working for Indian migrants Developing personal brand is necessary to fast track your journey of finding a job in Australia and even in further career development. It can sometimes be confused with ‘Bragging’ about yourself however it’s a technique of how to sell yourself. Other way to look at developing [...]

Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side

Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side Moving to Australia for better life has become a standard talk for every family in India. For decades people all over from India are moving to Australia for career,leisure,travel and settlement. Undoubtedly Indian in Australia have made there stand in life and achieved [...]

When did first Indians arrive in Australia

When did first Indians Arrive in Australia Indian Migrants have journeyed to Australia for more than 100 years now. It is said that the first Indian had come to Australia as a part of Captain Cook's ship. Later on some of Indian also participated in the rush for gold on the Victorian fields. As both [...]


AN INTERVIEW WITH OUR CO FOUNDER    What’s your career story? Where did you start and what do you do right now? I started my career in India as Electrical Engineer at Havel’s and quickly moved to IT working as a Network engineer at IDS InfoTech before moving to Australia for Higher education. Following that [...]

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CASTING CALL: Kids of Indian descent aged 11 – 16

CASTING CALL: Kids of Indian descent aged 11 - 16 McGregor Casting, one of the most well respected casting companies in Australia. They cast for TV, Film and TV Commercials. Their past projects include Lion, Animal Kingdom, Top Of The Lake to name a few. They are currently working on a Children’s Television Series for [...]

Calling two countries home can be confusing

Calling two countries home can be confusing Ever heard your kids born in Australia asking you ‘Am I an Australian or Indian?’ A dilemma which not only haunts a lot of new Indian migrants while settling in Australia, it’s a major question for our first generation Indian Australians. Calling two countries home can be confusing [...]

Find software testing jobs in Australia

Find software testing jobs in Australia Companies in Australia are transforming digitally as never before.Whether its B2B or B2C, digital transformation is aimed to make life easier for business and consumers.However Australia currently lacks the skills necessary to assist business in their digital transformation journey.Its like out of the total 24 million people who live [...]

Parks in Australia

Parks in Australia Parks form an integral part of Australian life just like any other country in the world.Indian in Australia  divulge in various activities during their free time and visiting parks in their neighborhood is a common activity. At times though park beyond the immediate neighborhood get unnoticed due to variety of reason particularly [...]

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne A never-ending debate for Indian moving to Australia & in fact for Indian living in Australia which city is better Sydney or Melbourne. Both cities have their merits and demerits depending upon individual situations and there isn’t offcourse a clear winner. While Sydney is a good tourist spot [...]