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With the vast influx of students, and substantial increase in the number of new Indian migrants, the issues faced by the Indian community have increased. Indian connection is an online support platform, assisting needs of Indian newcomers to
Australia.Indian connection-Help settle in Australia ‘website aimed at connecting Indian to Australia.We have conducted workshops, seminars and extensive field work, working with new migrants and students to assist them in getting comfortable in their new life in Australia.We help in the integration of Indian migrants in the Australian society through our portal by providing information through blogs and social community discussion panels.We use our network experts knowledge to make community aware of the upraising issues in Australia.We make sure we deliver clear message to the community, through his website and facebook pages.We communicate with newcomers to Australia of various Indian backgrounds either face to
face or over the phone to conduct interview to gain understanding of their challenges and problems, experience to provide awareness of life in Australia.We assists new migrants and students, to understand the cultural and professional changes ,provides awareness, service and support to newcomers to Australia by help in airport pickup, accommodation, job consultancy and cultural orientation.

Finding jobs in Australian Petrochemical Sector

Finding jobs in Australian Petrochemical Sector I am instrument engineer with experience in India’s leading petrochemical industry. How is job market in petrochemical industry in Australia? In which region most petrochemical industries are? First of all, I want to congratulate you on holding such an important position in one of the India’s leading petrochemical industry. I [...]

Four things to know before bringing pet into Australia

Four things to know before bringing pet into Australia If you believed you have seen it all when you are applying for an Australian visa for yourself and your family, then bringing in your family pet(s) is really more complicated. Australia is free from most animal-related diseases present in other countries of the world. Before [...]

Websites to vіѕіt when aррlуіng fоr a Job in Australia

Websites To Vіѕіt When aррlуіng Fоr A Job In Australia Looking fоr a jоb іn Auѕtrаlіа frоm India? Wеll, іt ѕоundѕ thаt simple, but yes, іt іnvоlvеѕ lots оf еffоrt, hаrd work, рrераrаtіоnѕ, аnd rіght аррrоасh tо gеt a ѕuссеѕѕ. Auѕtrаlіа іѕ аn incredible соuntrу, еѕресіаllу іf you аrе frоm Indіа; іt hаѕ tо be [...]

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Australian accent and their slangs

Australian accent and their slangs No wonder most of Indian speak fluent English which is basically originated from British and influenced by Americans.No mater how fluent your English is and whether your from India,United Kingdom,America,.It doesn't matter you would either love or hate Australian accent and their slang's. Most of times in your early days [...]

Tips for Avoiding Migration Fraud

6 Tips for Avoiding Migration Fraud   Migration fraud and related scams are exactly what they sound like. Fraud may involve attempting to emigrate to any country through false purposes, which violate the country's immigration laws. It can also refer to fraudulent websites, emails, mail and communications. Scams often try to convince individuals to share [...]

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How to find accommodation in Australia

How to find accommodation in Australia One of the key requirements of Indian moving to Australia is How to find accommodation in Australia. Each individual has their specific requirement and sometimes special needs. Some prefer staying with Indian in Australia where as some would love to stay with Australian to get a firsthand experience into [...]

Spacer – Your Community Marketplace for Storage Space & Parking

Spacer – Your Community Marketplace for Storage Space & Parking We know the value of community and sharing. That’s why we’ve started Spacer (, an online community where people share spare garage, parking or room space to neighbours who need somewhere to store their stuff or park their car. If you have space, it’s a [...]

Demonetization policy for Indian living in Australia

Demonetization policy for Indian living in Australia Change is a constant factor, so are government policies. Government comes with its strategies that they know will put the economy of the country at a better platform. And that will also improve the life of its citizen and help the country to compete with the rest of [...]

Best place for getaway Sydney

Best place for  getaway  Sydney for Indian in Australia Are you planning for a getaway with your family in Sydney ? You can try one of these listed  top five Best place for getaway in Sydney which are no doubt  most popular among Indian in Australia. Katoomba is the chief town of the City of [...]

Planning Indian wedding Australia

Planning your Indian wedding in Australia This post was contributed by The Shaadi Project: an Australian startup helping Indians plan their weddings in Australia. Indians know how to wedding. We really know how to wedding. But planning an Indian wedding in Australia is a completely different exercise to planning a wedding in India. Not only [...]