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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Through this series of Frequently asked questions Indian connection intend to answer questions which are asked often to our Consultants.

Q1). We are family who have got sub class 175 visa for Australia,however we are staying in India.Is it possible to enroll my kids to university as a local resident.

A1)We don’t see any concerns in not being able to be enrolled as a local student as long as your kids meet the minimum education requirements of the University. Read more Entry requirement for Undergraduate degree in Australia.

Q2). How can I apply for FEE help to avail government loan for my child education. Should I be living and working in Australia to be eligible for loan or will she be eligible to get loan without our stay in Australia?

A2)For Fee-help you need to be studying in a Fee-Help provider and permanent resident of Australia.Read more – Fee-Help Eligibility

Q3. What are the other benefits that I can avail if we plan to stay permanently in Sydney until we get a permanent job.

A3)Benefits of staying permanently in Sydney are manifolds and I recommend you read the following Blog and until you get a job there are services run by government to assist you in your big move  Read More – Department of Human services

Q4.I want to work and live in Australia. Kindly let me know if you can help me get a visa to work and live in Australia.

A4)We don’t offer visa but recommend you to visit Immigration Australia website and check and apply for appropriate visa.In case you need assistance with a Migration agent do let us know as we have partner agents working with us.Read more – Australian Migration.

Q5)I am a Senior IT leader with 20 yrs in various IT management roles. I was in the US for about 10 yrs but currently in India from last 6 yrs. I am interested in migrating to Australia or NZ as soon as possible on a work based visa/PR.I need your help me finding a sponsor by connecting me to right folks in AUS or NZ. I am positive that if I get the right contact placement for profile like me is not too difficult.I would request if we can discuss further over a call. We can also discuss your interest

A5)Please refer our blogs for further information his would give an overview of how things work.In regards to PR I would recommend check your eligibility with the migration agent in India

Indian job consultants 

Portal for searching sponsored jobs in Australia 

Our team is constantly working hard to update this ‘Frequently asked questions’section of the website.However if you don’t find the answer you are looking for please check our Blog section first,alternatively don’t hesitate to contact us.


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During our co-founders initial days in Australia he has experienced struggle to find cheap accommodation,job,genuine support and some times ignorance from my own fellow Indians. While his experience is not unique but he wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.He bring with him 16 years of rich experience working with Global corporations both in India & Australia.Our founder aim through this portal is to support Indian travelers to Australia for migration, education, work and travel, minimizing the cultural change impact while providing tangible cost benefits.

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