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Know your correct visa type

Know your correct visa type

Know your correct visa type

Whenever I watch long serpentine queue outside visa office, I feel bit anxious. You must be thinking that brain drain problem might be the issue behind this. Brain drain certainly is a big concern of worry, but what frightens me more is that most of the people dreaming to settle and make a career oversees  have least information about various types of visa which are available. Incorrect selection of visa-type sometime may prove critical and thus Indian Connection thought to share information regarding different visa types.

All nations across the globe offer different visa to prospective clients  considering to migrate.It can be a skilled migrant visa, student visa, business visa, visitor visa, transit visa, temporary residence visa and resident return visa. Here, we are  giving a brief of some types Australian visa  for your assistance.

Carer visa (subclass 116): This visa is for those who wish to migrate to take care of someone suffering from long term or enduring medical condition.


Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457): This type is for skilled workers migrated on sponsorship and is valid for up to four years.


Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189): The worker who doesn’t have any sponsorship will be eligible for this type.


eVisitor (subclass 651): A free category which allows stay of 3 months only for business purpose.


Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888): If looking for permission to do business or to own a business in Australia than surely this is the right kind.


Training and Research visa (subclass 402): Under this kind one can participate in research, training program for personal development and to improve skill or knowledge.


Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) visa (subclass 401): A temporary kind but allows migrant for full time domestic work.


Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462): For those who work in holiday period. Give permission for stay of one year only.


There are many more in the list. I suggest you to thoroughly browse through the Immigration website of Australia  to get more insights about different visa types.


You can use the service of Visa Finder on the latter website to select right visa type for hunky dory resettlement process. Whatever your purpose may be a bit of exercise to precisely make out the type of your visa surely will help you to make your migration a hassle free process. Moreover, if you are spending your thousands of hardened bucks and also taking risks to go abroad than certainly a sincere thought should be given before relocation.


You can also take assistance of experienced and trustworthy agencies giving complimentary advice and services after paying nominal fee.


Get on! Don’t jump into deep blue sea with closed eyes particularly when ocean of information is just a click away.


Contact us if you are an Indian Traveling to Australia for whatever reason or are already in Australia.Indian connection would assist if you need any support for a nominal initial consultation fee.

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