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Sydney Harbour Yacht Club Promo

Sydney Harbour Yacht Club Promo

Sydney Harbour Yacht Club is situated in the world’s most exclusive and awesome city Sydney. Our superlative Sydney Harbour is a recreational area for both locals and visitors throughout the year with the iconic Harbour Bridge, Opera House and possibly the world’s prevalent or largest natural harbour. As Australians, we hold in our arms our water culture like no other place in the world, we are spoilt for variety.

Sydney Harbour Yacht Club (SHYC) takes pleasure in weekends and leisure time. If you want to be great, outstanding and perfect at something you dedicate time to it, therefore Australians persist to strive for that leisure life, that Australian made way of life.

SHYC is a 100% Australian made apparel and accessories lifestyle brand. The brand captures the leisure of the Australian way of life, and their quality stuff is made to last. SHYC is a casual lifestyle product based around accessories and seasonless clothing, they never go out of fashion.

SHYC products are prepared to last for a long period of time. The adage they promote is “Buy Quality and Buy fewer”, which in due course saves time, resources and money.  Their centre of attention is on producing high-quality, handcrafted products that are sourced in the neighborhood, produced with “Australian Made” certification.

The money they spend on manufacturing in Australia supports local services, which sustains the local financial system. Despite the fact that 92% of clothes sold in Australia are imported, Sydney Harbour Yacht Club is a product apart. SHYC products are sold completely online from one website, Their products are never available on any other website online neither can you find them on any store worldwide. This eliminates counterfeiting and fakes. If you see their products on other websites, in stores or at markets, they are not authentic SHYC products.

Special Promotion for the month of October

Presently, for the month of October promotion, there are three $150 Gift Certificates to be won. All you need to do is to join the Aussie Made Club here –, (it’s free) as this will qualify you to enter in the Sydney Harbour Yacht Club competition on this page –

If you are chosen as one of the three winners for the $150 Gift Certificate and you have also  “Joined the Crew” on Sydney Harbour Yacht Club’s homepage here during October, you also have a chance of winning an additional $100 Gift Certificate! Even if you don’t win, you still acquire 10% discount off your first order with them! Therefore, there is potentially three $250 Sydney Harbour Yacht Club Gift Certificates to be won. Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for any event.

Bonus to Indianconnection readers ,get 10% off

Also, as a bonus for our readers, Sydney Harbour Yacht Club has given us an extra 10% discount code! If you use this particular promo code “shycintro2016” at the checkout you will definitely get your 10% discount. If you “Join the Crew” on their homepage you will also get a “10% discount code, 20% discount in total!”

Contact Sydney Harbour Yatch club for more information – 1300 611 911

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