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Australian settlement guides

Australian settlement guides-Plan,Prepare,Apply,Success

Want to take that next step in your dream to come to Australia or make your existing settlement journey to Australia easy?

Make this journey  about you and come along to book our consultation sessions or check out our free Australian settlement guides, where you will hear and read about possible outcomes or even get a second opinion from your fellow Indian who calls Australia his home for last 15 years.

Following the success of the previous  consultation session, we are introducing more panel consultants specific to your need!

Join us for a high impact session where you will

• Learn from local Indian on their Australian settlement challenges and success stories
• Hear expert analysis to help you understand the benefits of starting preparation for settlement in Australia early and getting the right engagement
• Understand how improving recruitment agencies engagement can benefit your Job search
• Gain tips on delivering an easy settlement in Australia
• Build best practices in building and managing complex job search touch points
• Take away valuable insight from our previous clients with case studies from key success stories
• Gather actionable feedback and forge network to foster success for your dream

We have a number of consultation sessions slots available,covering your individual needs from airport pickup ,accommodation search and job consultancy.

Don’t forget to check out our website for more information on all theses areas and don’t forget to visit our Blog for plenty of free information.

If this sounds just what you need, and you are motivated and ready to move your dream to come to Australia to the next level, then I want to work with you!

We look forward to welcoming you all to Australia.




Check out the Settle in Australia guides in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. It has loads of information for all new arrivals, including skilled migrants, family migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants..

If you’re thinking of using Indian Connection services as your settlement in Australia agency over the coming days, registering your expression of interest is an important step.

Get a better understanding of this with our How to register documentation.

First home grants for Indians in Australia

Way back in 2009 just around global financial crisis, Australian property picked up exponentially. In last 10 years the median price of houses has moved from $500k to $1,000,000.In an ideal world this would have maintained an upward trajectory, post last year Australian commission banking inquiry. However COVID-19 stuck and we are in recession. A [...]

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The dilemma of letting go of Indian mentality while settling in Australia

One would wonder why it would be a dilemma to even try letting go of the Indian mentality. No matter where we stay, we all are proud of being Indian. Correct with pride comes responsibility and letting go of certain issues quite visible in Indian societies here in Australia is critical. Not to mention Domestic [...]

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Transfer money at your convenience this “Festival of Lights”.

As Diwali is very near, the most significant festival in India to be celebrated across the length and breadth of the nation. It can be much fun and enthusiasm if you are overseas and you are able to send gifts in form of money to your family members back in India. There can be various [...]

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Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side

Good side of people moving to Australia often hides the dark side Moving to Australia for better life has become a standard talk for every family in India. For decades people all over from India are moving to Australia for career,leisure,travel and settlement. Undoubtedly Indian in Australia have made there stand in life and achieved [...]

Calling two countries home can be confusing

Calling two countries home can be confusing Ever heard your kids born in Australia asking you ‘Am I an Australian or Indian?’ A dilemma which not only haunts a lot of new Indian migrants while settling in Australia, it’s a major question for our first generation Indian Australians. Calling two countries home can be confusing [...]

Parks in Australia

Parks in Australia Parks form an integral part of Australian life just like any other country in the world.Indian in Australia  divulge in various activities during their free time and visiting parks in their neighborhood is a common activity. At times though park beyond the immediate neighborhood get unnoticed due to variety of reason particularly [...]

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne

Which city is better Sydney or Melbourne A never-ending debate for Indian moving to Australia & in fact for Indian living in Australia which city is better Sydney or Melbourne. Both cities have their merits and demerits depending upon individual situations and there isn’t offcourse a clear winner. While Sydney is a good tourist spot [...]

Is settling in Australia worth for Indian

Is settling in Australia worth for Indian Settling oversees and in particular Australia is a dream for many Indian. The journey starts from getting a visa and arriving in Australia. The new country, lifestyle, environment is flourishing grounds of new dreams and hopes. A laid back attitude of Australian with no worries slang, Australia has [...]

Our experience in Australian property market

Way back in January 2009 we wrote about our experience in Australian property market from a buyer’s prespective.Seems when we are writing this article now things haven’t changed much apart from the medium price of house. Almost 9 years ago the medium Sydney property price was $500k as compared to 1 million today. While from [...]